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Press Reviews

Refreshing... perfectly balanced anecdotes... touching moments...Dingli is a master of the stage

Vesna Hauschild

London Pub Theatre Reviews

From the slapstick physical beginning of this self-penned one-man monologue, through to the show’s philosophical conclusion, the laughs come thick and fast in Bad Dad.

Christine Kempell

Broadway baby

Delightful... the jokes come thick and fast... elicits laughter from unspectacular moments that are part of the fabric of parenting and yet wouldn’t necessarily lend themselves to comedy...even an anecdote about his daughter’s vomit becomes both chucklesome and charming in equal measure... Bad Dad was so good that one hopes Chris Dingli delivers a sequel very soon.

Deborah Parry

The Reviews Hub, London

A solid hour of detailed, visual storytelling of short anecdotes is filled with highly efficient jokes

Bhavesh Jadva

Hilariously memorable... had everyone in stitches from the word go... it has been a while since I laughed so much during a theatre performance

Jes Camilleri

Sunday Times, Malta

Many of the biggest laughs come from the amusing turns of phrase perfectly reflecting Dingli’s naivety and bewilderment... The Waltham Cat and I - both lurking around 30, both definitely child-free - found more than enough to laugh at all the way through. This isn’t just a show for new parents... the show’s poignant final scenes chokes you up whether you can directly relate as a parent or not. 

WalthamCat, London

Sarah Elizabeth Cox

A total triumph! My face actually ached from paermanently laughing throughout

Caroline Eckett

Let's Do Lunch, XFM 100.2

Bad Dad proved to be one of the most side- splittingly funny and entertaining performances I have seen in a long time... not to be missed

Andre Delicata

Times of Malta

Fantastic. It was funny, clever, serious at times. A play that a parents can relate to. Very well written. Not to be missed.

Oz and Jay

The Big Breakfast, XFM 100.2

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Audience Testimonials


Via Facebook

Great show!! Even better than I expected it to be. If you haven't booked yet... what are you waiting for!


Via Facebook

Really enjoyed the show... Was a a little hestiant regarding a one-man show but turned out to be a great night out... 5/5!


Via Facebook

Hilarious from beginning to end! Well done!!


Via Facebook

What a great night out it was! Grab your tickets... trust me you won't regret it! Congrats Chris Dingli for pulling off one hell of a show! I will never look at water chestnuts the same again!

AMAZING... If you are a Dad, a Mom or are thinking of EVER having children - you NEED to watch this show!


Via Facebook

It was too funny! I had to wipe away tears of laughter... Haven't laughed so hard in a long time!! My cheeks almost hurt from all the laughing haha! Huge well done to Chris Dingli!!


Via Facebook

Great time last night watching Bad Dad. A heartfelt, honest and above all hilarious show. Don't miss your chance to catch this bravura performance from Chris Dingli


Via Facebook

What an excellent performance last Saturday, we were in tears of laughter throughout the whole performance... Bad Dad highly recommended!


Via Facebook

What a show! Huge huge laughs!


Via Facebook

Fantastic! Well done


Via Facebook

Amazing show!! A big well done... It was hilarious :)


Via Facebook

What a show last night. What a hoot!


Via Facebook

Just want to congratulate you for yesterday's performance; really enjoyed it and really needed it. Thansk and well done


Via Facebook

Fantastic... loved it... well done :)

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