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I may be a Bad Dad, but I'm pretty good at answering questions about the show. Here are some of the most common questions I get asked...

Is the show in English?

Yes the show is 100% in English.

Sounds like it may be mostly for women?

It's not! I'm a guy (or so they tell me) and so the reality is that you'll be getting things from a man's perspective. It has something for either of the sexes. Seriously, you'll love it. If you don't believe me, read the reviews. They seem to agree with me...

Do you have to be a parent to enjoy the show?

No! It's not like there are a bunch of inside jokes that you suddenly gain access to when you become a parent. It's funny for anyone, whether you have kids or not. Truth be told, apart from my own, I don't really like kids myself, so... 

Are your wife and/or child in the show?

They feature heavily in the show's narrative, but they don't make a physical appearance (unless they happen to be in the audience that night!).

Is it stand-up comedy?

No, it's a one-man show. It's different to stand-up, although it contains elements of it.  This show has a story, characters, and lots of many different bits and pieces that make it different to stand-up.

Is this a satirical show?

No. I know that I'm closely associated with the Comedy Knights (becasue I'm lead writer and one of the performers in that show) but this is not a satirical show. There is no politics in Bad Dad!

How long is the show?

The show runs at approximately 70 minutes without an interval.  If there is an interval, it's two halves of 35 minutes each. The length of the interval depends on the venue.

What's the age certificate?

Age recommendation 12+. The show contains mild language and references.

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